#TeamInfinity Update

So as show season creeps up on us I thought it was time for an update. Already 2019 has been a really busy and diverse year for us but as the brand develops its important to recognise and engage with our existing audience. 

Thats where Team Infinity comes in! 

Born out of a passion for detailing and automotive culture #TeamInfinity is exactly that, a team. An ever expanding group of enthusiasts and professionals looking to contribute in some way not only to their favourite detailing brand but to the community as a whole. One of the easiest ways to get involved is to grab one of the #TeamInfinity custom clothing items that should be hitting the store over the coming days. These will be totally unique items themed around Japanese and European car culture and created by one of our talented Team Infinity members. 

By supporting #TeamInfinity your also supporting these talented individuals in developing their work and potentially career so that has to be a plus point to. For us its not about profit or turn over, we are providing these items at as near as makes no difference cost price, in an effort to give something back, to build a community around our core principles of great service and quality. And rhumour has it you can soon get your own car designed into a custom drawn hoodie or T-Shirt, how cool would that be! Stay tuned as always and thank you for reading.

Nothing less than the best, always!


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