Ceramic Maintenance Pack

Ceramic Maintenance Pack

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An ideal kit for maintaining your ceramic coated vehicle

Kit contents:

  • Pure shampoo 500ml
  • QDX Ceramic detailer 500ml

Pure shampoo is a completely silicone, oil, wax and enhancement free shampoo. In fact its also even free of thickeners making Pure Shampoo a thin liquid by comparison to many out there. This actually aids the shampoo to mix with the wash bucket quicker and delivers better lubrication and suds that last longer. 

QDX is our flagship detail spray, suitable for use on non coated cars as a stand but it also makes the perfect partner for ceramic coated vehicles due to its unique chemical properties. QDX will bond reactively to your coating at am molecular level and can provide up to 6 months additional protection. Use this as a sacrificial layer!