Greenox AdBlue® 10L

Greenox AdBlue® 10L

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Greenox is the complete AdBlue® solution for operators of diesel engined vehicles and machinery in the UK and Ireland. AdBlue® is used to remove harmful Nitrous Oxide (NOx) emissions from the exhaust gas of diesel engines which are fitted with Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) after treatment systems.

Ready to use. 32.5% solution of pure urea in de-mineralised water.  UK Produced & Quality Guaranteed to DIN70070 / ISO22241

VDA Certified Product with identical quality and performance to the products distributed and sold by main dealerships.  Works perfectly with any car, van or truck that requires AdBlue, including but not limited to Audi, VW, Mercedes, Volvo, Ford, Citroen, Iveco, Scania, Peugeot, Renault, SEAT, Skoda, Hyundi, Nissan, DAF, Honda, Mitsubishi, BMW, Toyota, Vauxhall, John Deere, McCormick, Kabutso.

The requirements for reduction of car emissions (in EU e.g. Euro 5 in 2009) are increasing on a worldwide scale. SCR-systems (SCR=selective catalytic reduction) are used in combination with the chemical synthetic product urea AUS 32 (AdBlue®) and thus lead to a reduction of NOx-emissions. In order to achieve a worldwide coverage of the product urea AUS 32 the VDA has registered the trademark "AdBlue" in all relevant car markets. By using the SCR-technology the automotive industry can contribute worldwide to further reductions of emissions.

AdBlue® - a worldwide trademark of VDA

Currently, AdBlue is a 32.5% solution of urea in deionised water and is required by many diesel vehicles operating on Europe's roads. AdBlue is essential for the correct operation of an advanced pollution control technology installed in the exhaust system called Selective Catalytic Reduction or SCR. Unlike diesel, AdBlue is a clear, non-toxic liquid that is safe to handle and does not damage the environment. AdBlue is not a fuel or fuel additive.

The quality of AdBlue® (urea AUS 32) is important for its use in vehicles, which is therefore regulated in the ISO standards 22241-1 to 4. These standards have to be observed by all licensees of the VDA. Those manufacturers of urea, which are interested in a license from VDA, have to undergo a quality audit performed by VDA-QMC at their production site at regarding the distribution system.

AdBlue® is a registered trademark of the VDA (Verband der Automobilindustrie) and is licensed especially to car manufacturers, suppliers, and companies of the chemical and mineral oil industry. The trademark AdBlue® is applicable to vehicles, car-parts, in car-manuals, and for urea AUS 32.

Storage Information

Freezing Point = -11 C, Store out of direct sunlight, Shelf Life = 18 months when stored below 25 C, Close Container when not in use

Handling & Usage Information

Corrosive to metals other than stainless steel. In case of skin or eye contact rinse with plenty of water.  Prevent spillages from entering watercourse or drains.  Absorb with sand or suitable dry absorbant.  Vehicle damage can result from contamination or improper use.  DO NOT ADD TO DIESEL