Infinity Wax P-15 DA Polisher - SUPER COMBO

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Introducing the Infinity Wax P-15 DA Polisher - SUPER COMBO

For the past 5 or so years, we have been selling machines from various brands. Also repairing and servicing them in the process. Seeing the internal workings of cheap machines and expensive branded units from Rupes and Flex gives you a good understanding of what makes something superior. 

So when it came to having our own machine made we knew where to start! Taking ergonomic styling queues from the Rupes machines but power delivery ideas from other machines we arrived here. So let's look at the spec: 

  • 810w motor delivering up to 11.87 Nm torque @ 4800 rpm
  • Anti-stall clutch system for consistent contour cutting
  • 10M InvinciCable (pro only) 9M Rubber Cable (SE)
  • Customisable cable colour (coming soon)
  • Dual race eccentric shaft bearing for ultra-smooth running 
  • Speed controller with PEC eliminator to prevent machine damage

Straight away you will notice the super-smooth power delivery which inspires confidence in a first time user as well as being a welcome change for the daily use professional. The 5" standard backing plate is designed to accommodate all polishing pads up to 5.5" and is also commonly interchangeable with other branded machine parts. 

The 810w motor ensures you always have the power you need to safely correct even in contoured or tight areas where other machines can bog down or stall. The professionals will highly appreciate the 10M armoured cable which is near impossible to break! A common failure point on Rupes machines these days. 


The super combo is a great package for the beginner or full-time detailer, included is a truly fantastic 1 step polishing system allowing you to get near-perfect results without having to invest time and money in multiple polishing pads and compounds. 


  • Infinity Wax P-15 SE Polisher
  • Synergy Prep Panel Wipe 500ml
  • Infintiy Wax 1 Hit Polishing Pad
  • Scholl Concepts S20 Black Polish
  • 280 GSM Edgeless Towel x2

1 Step System Explained

You may have heard, single stage, 2 stage, 3 stage when people are discussing machine polishing. This refers to different pad and polish combinations to achieve the desired finish. 

The 1 step combo uses 1 pad and 1 polish/ compound only

Using Scholl Concepts S20 polish, paired with the 1 Hit Pad allows you to remove deep imperfections while also finishing on a lower speed without leaving "holograms" often associated with a heavy cut polish. This unique system allows you to focus on your first time polishing without overthinking and more importantly overspending on pads/ compounds you likely won't need. 

the combo also comes with 2 short pile edgeless towels, ideal for removing compound residue from your paintwork, and Synergy Prep panel wipe.

The included machine polisher is the new P-15 SE, probably the ultimate all-rounder for a beginner. It's easy to handle, easy to maintain, and comes with a 5-inch backing plate fitted as standard (most pads are 5"). This really is a machine that will be good for you as a beginner and as you advance to intermediate it will be more than adequate for your needs. As an added bonus all our machines come with a 12-month warranty for manufacturing defects. 

How to use: 

After completely cleaning, decontaminating, and drying your vehicle you want to focus on 1 panel at a time. Ensure if using outdoors there is nothing that can be blown on the panel like dust/ sand. If so move to a more isolated area. 

1. Prime pad, apply 4 pea-size drops to the pad's outer circumference, place the machine on the panel you are working on at speed 1 on your P-15 machine. Power up the machine and with very little pressure begin to spread the polish over a small area slowly. 

2. cutting, immediately after spreading for a few seconds start to increase the speed of the machine to 5-6. Do this at your own pace so you feel comfortable. The polish will cut at 5-6 very well but still work at lower speeds. Apply medium pressure but not to much at this stage and move the machine slower to allow the polish and pad to do their job. Avoid staying in 1 area for prolonged lengths of time at this stage. You may need to apply a small amount of polish during this stage to the pad again but only if the paintwork looks like it's not getting good enough coverage. You only need a very fine layer of polish to work so do not over-apply. Once you have done 2-3 overlapping passes on the panel, stop, use a short pile cloth to gently wipe away the residue and examine the area to see how much better it looks. You may want to use an LED light to inspect it closely for scratches and swirls. 

3. Finishing, once you're happy with the level of correction on stage 2. Apply 3 pea-size drops to the pad and start off on speed 1, increasing to speed 3-4. Very gently work 2-3 overlapping passes using minimal pressure and just guide the machine under its own weight. Continue until happy and remove reside with a short pile cloth. Inspect the area once more and by now it should be good to go! Take the Prep Panel Wipe and give it a gentle wipe down to ensure 100% of the polish has been removed. 

4. Protection, Great! As you will now have some hands-on experience and hopefully the realization that it isnt as hard as you once thought, you are now ready to protect your freshly corrected paint. You could opt for a ceramic coating, sealant or wax. The choice is yours! 

After Sales Support

Because we know these machines inside out, we can always help! Whether it's something basic or a little more complex we are able to help with our UK based service centre. We can also perform upgrades, maintenance and repairs with courtesy machines available *terms apply. 

You can get in touch with us here: 

Tel: 0800 0248625 or 


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