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Nano Rotary Polisher Extension Full Kit

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The much sought after Nano Polisher Kit is now available!

Requires an M14 Threaded rotary Polisher

This kit contains:
   -   1 x M14 adaptor
   -   1 x 1m flex
   -   1 x Foam backing plate
   -   1” 2x Cutting Pads
   -   1” 2x Polishing Pads
   -   1” 2x Finishing Pads
   -   1x Mini Polishing Cone.  Constructed from open cell foam and it's structure has a medium/hard consistency. making tasks such as, Grills, Wheels and Door handle cups.
All pictures are for display purpose only. 
Over applying pressure will damage the internals of the polisher, let the pad and polish do the work.

**Will not work with a DA**