Scholl Concepts S2 Black Extra Heavy Cut Polish

Scholl Concepts S2 Black Extra Heavy Cut Polish

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NEW for 2020 Scholl Concepts S2 BLACK is an extraordinary high-performance cutting compound that has been specifically developed for the detailer.

Developed for applications on used and weathered paint surfaces, thanks to its outstanding and extreme cut, as well as its superior high-gloss features, Scholl Concepts S2 BLACK knocks-out even the deepest and most severe paint imperfections in seconds.



  • Outstanding cutting performance with low dust formulation
  • Excellent gloss level
  • VOC free
  • Easy clean formulation
  • Can be used with all common polishing machines (rotary & random orbital)

S2 Black can be applied with rotary (1200-2000 RPM) or dual action (2000-10000 RPM) machine polishers.


Cut: Heavy (4/6) Gloss: Extreme (4/6)


Size: 500g