Scholl Concepts S20 Black 1-STEP COMPOUND

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Scholl Concepts S20 Black 1-Step Compound is ideal for detailing weathered and scratched painted surfaces.  It leaves a hologram-free finish.


  • One compound for virtually all paint finish applications on worn and scratched paint surfaces
  • Tremendous cutting performance with exceptionally low dust formation
  • Superior high-gloss finish
  • Hologram-free finish on all paint surfaces, even without using a dual-action orbital polisher
  • Compound contains no silicone oils, wax or toxic solvents

Detailing of weathered and scratched paint surfaces has never been more simple!

This polish has been developed to remove deep scratches and treats weathered surfaces quickly and effortlessly in only one step, regardless of the hardness of the clear coat system.

Despite its tremendous cutting performance, the superior, mirror-like gloss of this 1-Step detailing compound is remarkable. Even holograms and swirl marks on dark paint surfaces can be polished out easily.

How To Use:

  • S20 is suitable for use on almost all paints, can be applied with rotary (1200-2000 RPM) or dual action (2000-10000 RPM) machine polishers.
  • We recommend using S20 with a Scholl Concepts Navy Blue Spider Pad, available in 140mm and 90mm.

Cut: Heavy (4/6) Gloss: Extreme (6/6)

Pack contents:  1x Scholl Concepts S20 Black 1-Step Compound 500g

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