Slim Fit 5L Tap Double Action

Slim Fit 5L Tap Double Action

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You asked us for a slimmer fit tap, something that can fit inside even the smallest of bottles and yes we delivered! 

These have been precision designed and engineered by our plastic manufacturing partner for us and are far superior in quality to other taps on the market. Not only that but these are the only slim fit taps available that are a direct fit to our 5L stackable drums (pictured)   and will also fit other UN certified stackable 5L containers. 

Double Action

Not only are these taps top quality but they have a double function, using the removable tap core you can also make your container suitable for pouring and filing with a handy slimmer and protruded pouring neck than the drum would have without. No mess, no fuss just a really handy tool. Mark Jones explains in this video: