SUPERCHARGED QDX Ceramic Detailer Halloween Edition

SUPERCHARGED QDX Ceramic Detailer Halloween Edition

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SUPERCHARGED QDX a one off Halloween 2021 edition that has a frighteningly high Si02 content in comparison to the original product.

 Easy ✔️

To Use: Apply QDX to clean dry paintwork only. Spray QDX lightly on 1 panel at a time and spread using a soft foam pad or ceramic application sponge. Allow 3-10 minutes to cure before removal with a clean dry microfiber towel. Do not apply QDX in direct sunlight or allow to dry on your vehicle, adjust curing time to suit your environment, and monitor your work area closely. QDX can also be sprayed and wiped clear using a microfiber towel like a conventional Rapid Detailer spray with reduced durability using this method.