Trial Pack Professional Ceramic Coating 30ml

Trial Pack Professional Ceramic Coating 30ml

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Hello traders! 

I want to thank you for taking this opportunity to try our first ever ceramic coating!

Product spec:

  • Unit based/ indoor application
  • Air cure which is sped up using IR 
  • 1 layer application 
  • Hydrophobic & Oleophobic 
  • Contact angle of 131° water beading 
  • Resistant to water spotting 
  • UV stable with anti scratch properties 
  • Resistant to acidic and alkaline chemicals
  • Initial removal from 3-5 mins 
  • Permanently inhibits rust and corrosion 
  • Thermal resistant to 700°C 
  • Suitable for application to unpainted plastic trim and painted surfaces


Common sense stuff here guys but please do not smell/ sniff this product, it has a high solids content which will be vapour carried and crystallise in your lungs. Not nice. 

There are NO CLP labels on this trial product, it comes as seen. 

Please always wear suitable breathing mask when applying this coating. 

Coating must be removed within 5 mins, if over 25C remove within 2-3 mins. 

Allow 72 hours to fully cross link before getting vehicle excessively wet and do not wash for 7 days after application