Virastop Spray
Virastop Spray
Virastop Spray

Virastop Spray

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Virastop is an end-user antiviral clothing and textile spray developed in cooperation with a leading European chemical research and manufacturing company.
The data is profound and compelling! The use of Virastop’s silver salt and lipid vesicle technology (patent pending) allows the user to kill Coronavirus on clothing, vehicle seats and other textiles on contact and up to 99.997% in 2-5 minutes.
In addition, Virastop remains on these surfaces for days. In most cases as long as 10 days on fabrics and up to 30 washes @ 40C on clothing.
The breakthrough of these synergistic technologies have been tested to ISO:18184 (antiviral), ISO:20743 (anti-microbial).
Not only is this effective against Coronavirus, but it is also highly effective against human influenza, bird flu, swine flu, and most commune bacterial/ viral strains with similar results.
This joint effort is a huge milestone for infinity chemicals (Infinity Wax) & will be aiming to release this product in a few week's time (exact timescale will be confirmed at a later date) selling via Infinity Wax online and our distribution partners.
In addition and in line with our sustainability goals, Virastop will be provided in sustainable bottles that are multi-use and can be refilled with a plastic refill pouch that can be purchased separately.
It is our belief that together we can rely on this and other products to begin regaining a safe living and working environment for our customers and end users.