Win a Pallet! Full Detailing Business Starter Kit Competition

Win a Pallet! Full Detailing Business Starter Kit Competition

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The last competition we ran was a massive success, over £370 worth of kit for only £2.60 per ticket. 

This is the big one, an insane £1,566.00 worth of chemicals, tools and equipment for only £4.00 per ticket! 

The last comp sold out within the hour, this one could go the same way. You can buy multiple entries. 

Included in the kit: 

  • 25L Wipeout Snowfoam
  • 25L Citrus Pre-Wash Concentrate 
  • Insect Strip 5L 
  • APX 5L
  • Inter Eko7 professional compression sprayer x1
  • Pure Shampoo 5L
  • Liquefy Tar & Glue Remover 5L
  • Spotless Glass Cleaner 5L
  • JAW Glass Cloth x1
  • Rapid Detailer 5L
  • Fresh Antibacterial Interior Cleaner 5L
  • Express Sealant 5L
  • Finale Interior Dressing 5L 
  • Incinerate Wheel Cleaner 5L 
  • Liquid Fire 5L
  • Kwazar Power Spray 1L x2
  • Light Glaze 500ml
  • Dark Glaze 500ml
  • Turbo6 Sealant 250ml
  • Koch Chemie H8 1L 
  • Koch Chemie M3 1L
  • Koch Chemie F6 1L
  • Lake Country Precision Wax Applicator
  • Dual Twist Drying Towel
  • Grit Guard x2 
  • Carpet Brush x1
  • 25L Pouring Taps x2 
  • 5L Pouring Taps x11 
  • General Weave towel pack x10 
  • Honey Pad combo, heavy, medium, finishing
  • Short Trigger gun upgrade x1
  • 10M industrial braided hose with either Karcher or M22 fitment 
  • Demon tape box of 36 x 24mm rolls
  • Synergy Ceramic Wax 200ml
  • 2020 DA15 machine Polisher With Carry Bag
  • Premium Snowfoam Lance 
  • Tyre Cleaning Brush
  • £200 Infinity Wax Gift Card

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