How I Detail My Car After Winter

Winter can be a harsh and unpredictable time to drive your car, and for those of us who like to look after the car we have to drive every day the dawn of sunshine that is springtime cannot come soon enough.
It is however very important to thoroughly strip away the months of winter grime, including salt & traffic film from your cars underside as well as the bodywork.

In this video I share my regular winter detailing routine to cleanup my 2007 Subaru, on average I drive 500 miles a week! So come spring time its essential to prevent corrosion and keep my car looking and driving well.

Please feel free to share any post winter detailing tips in the comments section.

Disclaimer: This is how I clean my car, it is not gospel. I am simply sharing a personal opinion.

Links to products used:

Bumper & Sill Brush (cheapest): BUY HERE


Tyre Brush: BUY HERE

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