Our Genesis: Crafting Excellence from the Garage to the Globe

Infinity Wax began as the brainchild of Michael Cipriani in 2013, melding a weekend passion for car detailing with professional expertise in chemical coatings. What started as garage experiments—combining a detailer’s discerning eye with industrial know-how—led to the creation of standout formulas that friends couldn't wait to use. Infinity Wax emerged to challenge an industry binary of 'professional' versus 'retail' products. Our mission: to craft a range that harnesses professional-grade power without compromising safety and simplicity for the enthusiast.

The Journey: From Local Buzz to Laboratory Innovation

By early 2015, Infinity Wax had evolved from a local secret to securing its first laboratory and retail space in Newbridge, near Edinburgh. This became a gathering place for car enthusiasts, eager to explore our rapidly growing product line, including the much-acclaimed Rapid Detailer. It was here that Infinity Wax transformed from a promising start-up into a community staple, combining quality products with invaluable detailing wisdom.

Image: Newbridge Store in early 2015

Infinity Wax Newbridge 2015

Raising the Bar: Quality, Value, and Service at Our Core

Our vision swiftly outgrew our Newbridge origins, leading to a strategic partnership with Ollie and Deborah Marku. Together, we set a new standard for the car care industry with a commitment to scalable excellence. We pride ourselves on controlling the entire production process to ensure unparalleled quality at a fair price. Responding to our explosive growth, we relocated to a larger facility near Glenrothes, poised to innovate and expand further.

The Horizon: Steering Towards Global Influence

Infinity Wax’s ambition knows no bounds. From our roots in the UK, we've grown to serve passionate car owners across Europe, Asia, and America, with footholds in markets like Japan and Canada. Our aspiration is to establish ourselves as a leading name in car care globally, delivering products that not only meet but exceed the expectations of detailers everywhere.

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