Infinity Wax was initially developed as a personal project by the company founder Michael Cipriani in 2013. As a keen weekend warrior car detailer, and working in a coatings integrity role within the petrochemical industry. The keen interest in detailing, combined with chemical industry experience led to many experiments in the garage at home, many failures and some successful formulas which friends were always more than happy to get their hands on. 

The idea behind the brand was to simplify what was a divided industry, set between "professional" strength products and "retail" products. Whichever camp you fell into, you either had an extremely powerful and sometimes dangerous product or a much weaker retail version which in many cases was average at best. 

The Infinity Wax principal was to provide products that professionals would love but could also be safely and easily used by enthusiast detailers. The signature clear bottle and colour coded chemical system was also born around this time and by December 2014 Infinity Wax began trading for the first time.


By January 2015 Infinity Wax had secured its first laboratory space in Newbridge just outside Edinburgh. This new walk in retail space was key to building the companies progress in the early days. The clean and well appointed yet small shop was somewhat of a hub for local car enthusiasts young and old who were looking to grab some of the much talked about Rapid Detailer which had not long been released, have a chat and get some great advice on various aspects of detailing and car care. 

Setting The Standard

Only a few months had gone by when it became obvious the premises in Newbridge would not be large enough to contain the brands growth. At this point Ollie and Deborah Marku became partners in the business with a unified goal, to create a scaleable and premium brand which stood for excelent quality, value and first class customer service. 

As a manufacturer, we can fully control the quality and performance of our products and do so for a thoroughly fair price! 

The explosive brand growth required a further expansion out of Edinburgh to a location on the outskirts of Glenrothes. This facility, which was originally a manufacturing plant for semi-conductors, was the perfect place to base our growing operation. 


If you would like to get in touch with one of the team please use the contact page or:

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