Infinity Ceramic - Air Dry - Whats Happening?

I will start by reminding you about our last post on this subject I-S-S Technology  and how that has been changing the Infinity wax protection range behind the scenes for some time now during development work. Something which is beginning to filter through into the range. 

As many will be aware part of the I-S-S development programme includes a range of ceramic based products, one being Glass Canopy ceramic wax. Thats a story for another day, and a complicated one full of cross polymer research and crazy high temperature experiments to name a few. 

So what are we working on? Our first ceramic coating has been in development since 2017 but as technology keeps evolving so has our approach, the first paramater is ease of use, something not typical for a coating is the DIY aspect. Our base coating product must be DIY friendly with super easy to use properties just like the rest of the range. Thats something we have been testing today, now we have a working prototype we are able to "badly" apply the coating, over cure and generally do everything that could go wrong to test how it can be corrected and recovered. The truth is once a ceramic has hardened fro a number of days there is very little you can do to correct the problem other than machine correction and possible wet sanding, sounds scary.. Thats why we have developed a helper spray which would come with the coating, this is used by spraying onto the removal towel after initial application, you can use it to remove excessive concentrations of coating as well as any errors, dust etc safely and without effecting the results from the coating long term. Imagine that, you mess up and still get the result you were hoping for! 

Image 1: Ceramic being applied to test vehicle

This first planned coating is anticipated to have 1-3 year life span (lab tests suggested this) be air dry (doesn't need heat lamps) and suitable to be used in a broad temperature range and humidities making it extremely user friendly! 

Image 2: Ceramic being over cured under heat lamp to test removal using helper spray. 

Once cured and removed the coating leaves a superb sharp gloss, signature of this type of product with unbelievable optical clarity for a coating. I think so far so good for on this destructive testing, of course many more tests and small adjustments will be needed but we are now at a stage we can happily begin to reveal information. As always we love to hear from customers so if anyone would like to be involved in the testing programme in the future please get in touch (professionals only). 

Image 3: primary cured coating on test vehicle. 

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