Infinity Wax launch UK's first graphene enhanced detail spray

Infinity Wax launch UK's first graphene enhanced detail spray

Press Release: Industry leading innovator in the European car care market Infinity Wax set to launch an AGM-graphene enhanced car detail spray.

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“The team at Infinity Wax are excited to launch the first graphene enhanced product in our retail range, QDX Graphene builds on the success of our existing range of detailing sprays and with the Genable® graphene dispersions supplied by AGM we are able to take the products performance to the next level. A highly powerful spray product with industry leading performance that is incredibly easy to use. We would like to thank all at AGM for their invaluable support and assistance during this project and look forward to building Genable® into other product formulations going forward.”

 Michael Cipriani, Infinity Wax company founder.

Applied Graphene Materials, the producer of specialty graphene additives, is delighted to announce that INFINITY WAX, a leading innovator in car care products is set to launch the ground breaking QDX Graphene Detailing Spray.

The detailing spray polish is the result of extensive product development and a rigorous testing programme, and has ultimately produced a system that delivers an industry leading level of performance.

The launch of the product enhanced with AGM's industry leading Genable® graphene dispersions to the mainstream consumer in the car care market represents yet another significant milestone for the Company.

Adrian Potts, Chief Executive Officer of AGM


The product launch is scheduled for 1st October 2020 


  • Mogsy28uk

    Michael & team, new Graphene QDX is in credible, better results than other hybrid ceramic products, and very easy to apply, with no frustrating streaking. Thanks to Specky McSporran for featuring this on his YT channel the other week and local Autosave for stocking IW products. My Outback is very grateful. 😁

  • Michael Cipriani

    Hi Steve, the launch on Thursday is still going ahead and the price is £14.99 for the first 200 bottles, £16.99 normally.


  • Steve

    How much is the graphene spray and is it still out in October. Application wise can it be applied over a wax or should car be stripped back first

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