New Beginnings

Details are everything with its mix of reliable protection and exceptional ease of use. Synergy ceramics have never stopped empowering detailers all over the world. Now it's time for another bold leap forward. Introducing Synergy Lite version 2 and Synergy Wheel.

It starts with a technical blend of ceramic resins originating from Germany's industrial heartland. These resins are designed specifically for durability and hardness. However, these alone do not make a ceramic coating. The idea behind Synergy Lite has always been to take Take real ceramic coatings and make them user friendly and suitable to be done at home.

Synergy Lite version 2 takes this to a whole new level. The introduction of some new ceramic and sol gel resins as well as a few other solvents into Synergy Lite version 2 take it from what was once a very capable coating for paintwork and is now something that's suitable for paintwork, glass and unpainted plastic trim with a durability of one year.

This dramatically broadens the scope of the product and it allows Mobile valeters and detailers who rely on this product up and down the UK and all over Western Europe. A broader scope and a one step product to use on multiple surfaces. This of course increases their productivity, reduces their costs and improves their income.

Lite version 2 provides higher water contact angles, up to 126 degrees. For extreme self cleaning and hydrophobics, in addition to a higher solids content. But this is all meaningless if the coating doesn't get a chance to bond to the surface. This is where our sacrificial layer technology comes in.

Giving you the certainty that all your hard work will not be for nothing. Synergy wheel is the next generation. technology off wheel coatings. We have been working on this for two and a half years, and we have an exciting product coming out to apply Synergy. Wheel coating is very simple. You can use a normal tradition with an applicator.

Just put and apply the wheels, or you can use a sprayer and just spray on the wheels. It does have solvents contained into the wheel coating. It will be self leveling, so no need for a lot of buff or effort to be put into this when you're applying this coating. So if you're a trader and apply the wheel coating, next time you maintain the car, it will be so much easier.

Less contamination will be sticking to the wheels. Because it does have a durable polymer and high temperature polymer, the combination of the two, both of them, works perfectly for this wheel coating. If you're a user that's using it at home, again, the application cannot be any simpler than this. You just apply it.

The traditional way. And the next time you wash your wheels, it will be so much easier. So it's a win win situation for both if you're a trader or if you're a user at home. Thousands of hours have gone into research and development for these coatings and we can't wait to hear your feedback. With their innovative hybrid resin system, Synergy coatings usher in a new era of ceramic coating possibilities for both professionals and enthusiasts.

Allowing you to stay protected no matter what the weather throws at us.

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