11L Water Filter Resin Chamber
11L Water Filter Resin Chamber

11L Water Filter Resin Chamber

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Pure water filter for home, mobile valeting or unit based applications

The infinity Wax 11L di resin filter system eliminates water spotting on your vehicle when rinsing. We have all been there, its a hot day and you have water drying on your car before you have the chance to dry it off. With this filter you can rinse your vehicle in direct sunlight with zero water spotting! Supplied with hose fittings ready to use.

What is it: This resin filter system removes dissolved solids in your tap water (TDS) giving you pure water right from the tap.

How to use: Simply connect your existing hose to one side of the chamber, then another short piece of hose from the resin vessel to your pressure washer. The resin vessel builds up pressure inside to 10.5 bar meaning your machine doesn't lose pressure coming from the tap either! 

How long does it last: The resin inside will last for a minimum of 800L of water if you are in a very hard water area right up to 10,000L in some areas such as Scotland with softer water. 

How do I know when the resin needs replaced: Simply put, when the water starts spotting. However you can use a TDS meter to check the water coming out at any time, these are very cheap and will give you a real time indication of how the resin is performing. 

Can the resin be bought on its own: Yes we supply the resin in 25KG bags which is enough in many cases to last 1-2 years of use. 

Storage and safety: There are no safety concerns or implications for the environment when using a resin system, the resin is made from natural material. When storing your vessel and not in use, ensure the unit does not dry out so keeping it upright is essential. Drying out may damage the resin inside.