DA-12 Mini Machine Polisher

DA-12 Mini Machine Polisher

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Our all-time favourite polisher for beginners!

Light, erganomic and now with a massive 6M cable so you can ditch the extension!

Due to the random orbital motion of the DA-12 

Mini there is less risk of paint burns (as with rotary polishing machines). This machine is ideally suited for beginners or professionals looking for a machine for tackling tighter areas.

This polishing machine has 6 speed settings - ideal for every application, whether it is refining the paintwork or reducing scratches.  Suitable with polishing pads sized 3-4 inches. 

   - Power Consumption: 600 watts 
   - Operating Voltage: 240 VAC, 50-60Hz 
   - Lifting speed: 2000-6000 min-1 
   - Weight: 1.9kg 
   - Cable length: 6m 
   - Polierhub (throw): 12mm 
   - Backing Plate diameter: 75 mm 
   - Certified by: CE 

Speed control: 
   - Level 1-2: Apply wax or sealant 
   - Level 3-4: Polishing of the vehicle, for removing minor to medium defects 
   - Level 5-6: Removing deep scratches or defects