Infinity Wax P-15 Digital Dual Action Polisher

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When you choose Infinity Wax, you're choosing a brand trusted by real UK professional detailers and manufactured right here in the UK in our own factory.

Our formulas are designed to be safe to use for enthusiasts while remaining fully concentrated and professional strength.

How do we do it? Our deep understanding of material science ensures that your car receives the most advanced care available. We throw out the aggressive industrial chemicals and take a new approach, developing safe and easy to use products that are in many cases from sustainable sources.


Introducing the Infinity Wax P-15 Pro Digital DA Polisher

For the past 5 or so years, we have been selling machines from various brands. Also repairing and servicing them in the process. Seeing the internal workings of cheap machines and expensive branded units from Rupes and Flex gives you a good understanding of what makes something superior. 

So when it came to having our own machine made we knew where to start! Taking ergonomic styling queues from high end machines but power delivery ideas from other machines we arrived here. So let's look at the spec of the P-15 Pro: 

  • 1000w motor delivering up to 13.11 Nm torque @ 5000 rpm
  • Anti-stall clutch system for consistent contour cutting
  • 6M Chubby Cable With Armoured Rubber
  • Dual race eccentric shaft bearing for ultra-smooth running 
  • Digital Speed Controller with LCD Screen Screen For Monitoring Brush Condition, Machine RPM and Time Spend Cutting

Straight away you will notice the super-smooth power delivery and solid build quality that will inspire confidence in a first-time user as well as being a welcome change for the daily use professional. The 5" standard backing plate is designed to accommodate all polishing pads up to 5.5" and is also commonly interchangeable with other branded machine parts. 

The 1000w motor ensures you always have the power you need to safely correct even in contoured or tight areas where other machines can bog down or stall. The professionals will highly appreciate the 10M chubby cable which is nearly impossible to kink!

Which Pads?

All P-15 machines use a 5-inch backing plate, this means any 5" (125mm) pad is suitable. We highly recommend the Zvizzer range of polishing pads, Check out the Trapez pad, Thermo pad, or the All-rounder pad, all work very well with this machine!

After Sales Support

Because we know these machines inside out, we can always help! Whether it's something basic or a little more complex we are able to help with our UK based service centre. We can also perform upgrades, maintenance and repairs.

You can get in touch with us here: 

Tel: 0800 0248625 or 

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