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Professional Strength Insect Deposit Remover

Instantly dissolves insect deposits and bird lyme for contactless decontamination

What is it? insect Strip works by breaking down the fatty acids within the insect remains which releases the bonded deposits from your paintwork without scrubbing. it is common to see an orange or red looking sludge running from the insect after spraying, and this is the product instantly working to break down the contamination. 

What's it made from? Insect strip uses an advanced combination of synthetic detergents, paired with a light solvent to aid penetration. This provides immediate action on the target area while also being safe for use on almost all surfaces. 

What are the features? having the ability to remove 99%+ of stubborn insect remains without the need to touch the paintwork, the versatility of its application, and its very low cost per application all go into making this one of the highest rated insect removers by UK detailing professionals. 

How does it fit into the wash process? Insect Strip is best used before pre washing your vehicle. This allows it time to work into the contamination without there being any water present from rinsing. It is possible to use on a wet surface, but this will slightly lengthen its working time. 


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