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Durable Graphene Enhanced Si02 Sealant

Your paintwork's last line of defense from the harsh winter environment!

What is it? Obsidian is a graphene enhanced polymer sealant that boasts impressive durability of up to 1 year and can be applied in hot, cold or moisture-rich environments without severe negative effects. 

What's it made from? Obsidian's active ingredients consist mainly of reactive amino-functional polymers and Si02 MQ resin. These have been further fortified with graphene nano-platelets which also assist with the enhancement of gloss through the filling of light defects, the overall durability due to improved bonding to paintwork, and in addition, give the vehicle paint an amazing smooth tactile finish. 

What are the features? Obsidian is designed really for those who want a no-fuss experience with easy application and removal, but are also looking for long term results. Maybe you arent quite ready to get into ceramic coatings? Obsidian is for you. 

How does it fit into the wash process?

Obsidian is a great way to finish off your vehicle after a full contact wash, decontamination, and drying of the vehicle. the term LSP which stands for last-stage protection defines this product perfectly. This is your paintwork's last line of defense from the harsh winter environment. 

185ml cfc free airless sprayer bottle 

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