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When you choose Infinity Wax, you're choosing a brand trusted by real UK professional detailers and manufactured right here in the UK in our own factory.

Our formulas are designed to be safe to use for enthusiasts while remaining fully concentrated and professional strength.

How do we do it? Our deep understanding of material science ensures that your car receives the most advanced care available. We throw out the aggressive industrial chemicals and take a new approach, developing safe and easy to use products that are in many cases from sustainable sources.


The UK's 1st Graphene Enhanced Detail Spray

Breakthrough graphene technology adapted for the car care industry

What is it? QDX Graphene is a powerful yet forgiving quick detailer that has been enhanced with specialist graphene nano-platelet technology to provide some unique advantages over traditional detail sprays. It was the first successful water based car care product to include graphene in the UK and was developed in collaboration with Applied Graphene Materials PLC

What's it made from? Starting with a Si02 base, this detail spray uses some elements that are commonly found in durable sealants. These powerful polymers are then blended at very high speed using a high-shear reactor while adding a viscosity modifier and then finally the liquified graphene nano-platelets. This creates a grey liquid that has a slight thickness but is still sprayable. 

What are the features? This product is packing some interesting features, one of which is its unique ability to fill in defects, something that's almost never seen in a spray product. the result of this is a dramatic increase in gloss due to the darkening effect and visual smoothness of the paint after use. The Si02 in this product is enhanced by the addition of graphene, which dramatically improves the slickness of the paint, water behavior and improves the bond and resilience of the product against chemicals and environmental effects. 

How does it fit into the wash process? QDX is a great last stage protection product that ticks some boxes others simply can't. It's almost liquid wax like in its abilities to enhance and protect yet comes in an easy to use spray. Use as a stand alone product, or as a topper for synthetic sealants and hybrid waxes like Graphene wax or Diablo PTFE wax


 Press Release: 

“The team at Infinity Wax are excited to launch the first graphene-enhanced product in our retail range, QDX Graphene builds on the success of our existing range of detailing sprays, and with the Genable® graphene dispersions supplied by AGM we are able to take the performance of the product to the next level. A highly powerful spray product with industry leading performance that is incredibly easy to use. We would like to thank all at AGM for their invaluable support and assistance during this project and look forward to building Genable® into other product formulations going forward.”

 Michael Cipriani, Infinity Wax company founder.

Applied Graphene Materials, the producer of specialty graphene additives, is delighted to announce that INFINITY WAX, a leading innovator in car care products is set to launch the groundbreaking QDX Graphene Detailing Spray.

The detailing spray polish is the result of extensive product development and a rigorous testing programme and has ultimately produced a system that delivers an industry leading level of performance.

The launch of the product enhanced with AGM's industry-leading Genable® graphene dispersions to the mainstream consumer in the car care market represents yet another significant milestone for the Company.

Adrian Potts, Chief Executive Officer of AGM


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