Screen Wash 5L

Screen Wash 5L

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Highly concentrated ultra-premium screen wash that can also be used as a de-icer.

  1. Suitable for winter use as low as -15 °C
  2. 5L can make up to 125L of ready to use
  3. Safe for use on all waxes and ceramics
  4. Suitable for all-season use 
  5. Removes insects from the windscreen
  • 10:1 general use
  • 5:1 winter use (-15°C)
  • 25:1 maximum dilution

To apply as a de-icer, use a trigger spray bottle or similar and apply directly to the windscreen. 

for screen wash, dilute the product accordingly in your vehicle's washer tank. 

highly effective at removing stubborn road film, bird lime, and other contamination. 

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