2 In 1 Screen Wash and De-icer

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When you choose Infinity Wax, you're choosing a brand trusted by real UK professional detailers and manufactured right here in the UK in our own factory.

Our formulas are designed to be safe to use for enthusiasts while remaining fully concentrated and professional strength.

How do we do it? Our deep understanding of material science ensures that your car receives the most advanced care available. We throw out the aggressive industrial chemicals and take a new approach, developing safe and easy to use products that are in many cases from sustainable sources.


Effortless Winter Readiness

Beat the chill with our innovative 2 in 1 Screen Wash and Deicer. Engineered to combat the harshest of winters, it’s your go-to for ensuring crystal-clear vision and ice-free windscreens. Say goodbye to mornings scraping away ice; our solution works down to a nippy -15 °C! Just mix, spray, and watch the magic unfold.

Key Highlights:

  • Battles temperatures as low as -15 °C
  • 5L bottle transforms into a whopping 125L of ready to use solution
  • Perfectly safe for all waxes and ceramics

All Seasons, One Solution

Why clutter your garage with different products for each season? Our 2 in 1 solution is an all-rounder, adept at removing summer bugs or winter grime. Suitable for use all year round, it ensures your windscreen is always spotless, regardless of the season.

Key Highlights:

  • Versatile 10:1 general use, 5:1 for icy winters, and 25:1 for light cleaning
  • Removes insects, stubborn road film, and bird lime effortlessly
  • Ideal for any season

Screen Wash Science

Not just any screen wash, ours is a BMW safe formulation, boasting ultra-premium, highly concentrated ingredients. Whether it's as a de-icer or screen wash, expect top-notch performance with minimal effort. Colour may vary, but the quality never does!

Key Highlights:

  • BMW safe, ultra-premium formula
  • Easy to apply – just use a trigger spray bottle for de-icing
  • A small amount goes a long way

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How do I use the 2 in 1 Screen Wash & Deicer for the best results?

For de-icing, simply dilute as directed (5:1 for winter use) and apply with a trigger spray bottle directly onto your windscreen. For screen wash, add the solution to your vehicle's washer tank, following the general-use dilution ratio of 10:1 or 25:1 for maximum dilution.

2. Is this product safe to use on cars with wax or ceramic coatings?

Absolutely! Our 2 in 1 Screen Wash & Deicer is formulated to be safe and gentle on all surfaces, including vehicles with waxes and ceramic coatings, ensuring no damage or degradation to your car's protective layers.

3. Can I use this product in extremely cold temperatures?

Yes, our 2 in 1 Screen Wash & Deicer is specifically designed to function effectively in temperatures as low as -15 °C, making it ideal for use in harsh winter conditions.

4. How much solution does one bottle make?

One 5L bottle can make up to 125L of ready-to-use solution, offering great value and long-lasting use.

5. Can this product be used throughout the year?

Yes, it's perfect for year-round use. It efficiently removes summer bugs and winter grime, ensuring your windscreen stays clean no matter the season.

6. Is this product safe for all types of vehicles?

Yes, our screen wash and deicer is safe for use on all vehicle types, including luxury cars like BMWs. It's formulated to meet high safety and quality standards.

7. What is the colour of the solution?

The colour of our 2 in 1 Screen Wash & Deicer may vary, but this does not affect its high-quality performance and effectiveness.

8. How effective is it at removing tough stains like bird lime?

Our product effectively removes stubborn stains, including bird lime, road film, and other tough contaminants, leaving your windscreen spotlessly clean.

9. Is it easy to apply?

Yes, it's very user-friendly. For de-icing, simply spray it onto your windscreen. For screen wash, add it to your washer tank. It's that simple!

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