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Super Strength Gel based De-greaser

A sticky gel that can be diluted to preference and specifically targets engine, CV grease and other heavy oil deposits

What is it? Super-Degreaser is the product you reach for when all purpose cleaner just won't cut it. Its gel like appearance allows it to be sprayed but also stick and dwell on the contaminated surface for up to 20 minutes. While dwelling, the product begins an emulsification process to combine itself with the grease or oil and allows you to rinse or brush it away very easily.

What's it made from? This is a water based cleaner, which is important if you are spraying on or around an internal combustion engine. Its alkaline surfactants are made from the most powerful sodium based material, combined with strong emulsifiers and release agents. 

What are the features? This multi purpose de-greaser can be used in multiple ways, from spraying and brushing neat, to diluted through a pump sprayer. Our personal favorite application method has to be via foam lance, using 200ml of product and 800ml of warm water. This is the ultimate engine bay cleaner!

How does it fit into the wash process? Super De-greaser falls into the decontamination category, but you could use this at any stage of the wash process, or as a stand alone cleaner for certain tasks. 

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