Ultimate Starter kit

Ultimate Starter kit

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Looking for the ULTIMATE starter kit that has all the essentials? 

the ULTIMATE STARTER KIT is built around the Infinity Wax premium wash bucket from leaktite USA the best detailing bucket around. It’s also a direct fit for all the gritguard accessories making the possibilities almost endless. 

The full kit contents are:

  • Infinity Wax 20L wash bucket 
  • Premium microfibre anti-scratch wash mitt 
  • Rapid detailer 500ml
  • Spotless Glass Cleaner 500ml
  • Citrus Concentrated Pre-wash 500ml
  • Pure shampoo 500ml
  • Fresh Anti-Bacterial interior cleaner
  • Diamond Vision glass sealant 250ml
  • Supergloss+ paste Wax 50ml
  • Premium spray air freshener 250ml