Wash Super Combo Kit

Wash Super Combo Kit

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Looking for a 1 stop kit that has all the essentials? Look no further! 

the wash super combo is built around a premium wash bucket from leaktite USA the best detailing bucket around. It’s also a direct fit for all the gritguard accessories making the possibilities almost endless. 

The full kit contents are:

  • Leaktite 20L detailing bucket with “wash” sticker 
  • Premium microfibre anti-scratch wash mitt 
  • Rapid detailer 500ml limited edition watermelon 
  • Pure shampoo 2000:1 dilution 500ml
  • Spotless glass cleaner 500ml
  • Hanging infinity wax air freshener 
  • Fresh anti-bacterial interior cleaner 500ml
  • 5” vinyl cut infinity wax sticker 

Plus a nice saving of over £15! An excellent starter kit for any car care enthusiast.