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When you choose Infinity Wax, you're choosing a brand trusted by real UK professional detailers and manufactured right here in the UK in our own factory.

Our formulas are designed to be safe to use for enthusiasts while remaining fully concentrated and professional strength.

How do we do it? Our deep understanding of material science ensures that your car receives the most advanced care available. We throw out the aggressive industrial chemicals and take a new approach, developing safe and easy to use products that are in many cases from sustainable sources.


Powerful Alkaline Shampoo Designed to Remove Waxes and Sealants From Your Vehicle

Use WAX OFF to either strip old waxes or other protection products, or as part of a milder decontamination wash to refresh the paintwork and help restore hydrophobics

What is it? WAX OFF is a powerful strip wash shampoo, which is capable of removing protection products such as waxes, sealants, and older ceramic coatings with a single application. It is supplied in shampoo format, which allows you to clean the paintwork at the same time. 

What's it made from? WAX OFF works to remove strong protection quickly and safely by creating an ionic bond to the existing protection. While this reaction is taking place, the alkaline surfactants break the typically acidic bond between Si02 & waxes to your paintwork very rapidly. This causes a de-lamination effect at a molecular level, of which the WAX OFF shampoo is bonded to the protection, and the protection has been de-bonded from the vehicle its self. 

What are the features? For a fast and easy decontamination process, without polishing then WAX OFF is a valuable time and money saving tool for your detailing arsenal. With multiple ways to apply, such as trigger sprayer, foam cannon and bucket, it is also highly versatile. 

How does it fit into the wash process? WAX OFF should be used at the contact wash stage, this allows the product to focus on de-bonding the contamination quickly and effectively. It can also be used as a regular shampoo ar very weak dilutions, a guide to which is detailed below. 

Decon Wash: 

Using WAX OFF as a decon wash will remove contamination from ceramic coatings, strong wax protection or just to aid in the vehicle preparation process. Ensure the vehicle has been fully pre-washed prior to using this product. Half-fill your wash bucket then add 50-100ml of WAX OFF. Using your pressure washer, agitate the bucket water to create suds, then begin to wash the vehicle using the 2 bucket or preferred wash method. For an extra safe wash, you can dilute as low as 10-20 ml per wash bucket (10L).

Wax Removal: 

Add 50-100ml per litre to a spray bottle or pump sprayer. Ensure you dilute the product with warm water. Always pre-wash the vehicle prior to this stage. Spray the diluted solution on the vehicle panels 1 at a time and agitate with a wash mitt or other suitable media. Allow up to 5 mins for the product to work at this stage but ensure the solution doesn't dry onto the car. Rinse away thoroughly using a pressure washer. repeat if required to fully strip protection, in most cases 1 hit will remove waxes, quick detailers, and similar products. You may also apply via a snowfoam lance at the same dilution with warm water for similar results. 

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