I-S-S The Latest Polymer Technology From Infinity Wax

If you use our Facebook discussion group you will be aware of some development work recently on solvent based sealants for wheels, glass and maybe even a trio of new ceramic coatings? 

I-S-S ghost wheel sealant

Time to explain whats happening, Integrated Solvent System or I-S-S for short is a new technology unique to Infinity Wax. We have been working closely with a raw material supplier and their development devision to make a highly versatile new system that will carry a range of new powerful sealants based on Si02 technology. 

The I-S-S brings forward some key benefits:

1. No limit to concentration, Unlike some water based systems using a solvent integrated system will allow various strength of sealants to be created including ceramic integration. 

2. Almost no use by date, with I-S-S the shelf life of the sealants are massively increased to the point where its unlikely that they will ever expire. 

3. Frost damage prevention, The risks of damage from cold weather like frost are massively reduced due to the products much lower freeze point. Something that a water based sealant can suffer badly from. 

4. Extremely user friendly, using a spray or wipe on method the sealant can be applied in hot or cold temperatures with almost no adverse application or removal. 

5. Higher durability, due to the ability to integrate solids & liquid polymers together in a cold process liquid form we can now offer much higher durability on sealants. For example this has been tried and tested on Ghost wheel sealant with astonishing effects (pictured). 

" I-S-S is a new innovation from infinity chemicals, the user experience and durability are first class and we are really grateful to the professionals who have helped in the testing process. This new system will not only allow us to convert some existing products over and make them more effective, but the price will stay static due to the fact we are able to manufacture this without heat which helps keep overall costs down" - Michael Cipriani 

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