Primo Hits The Production Line!

Since the launch of the first 50ml Primo waxes in late 2018 the reception this wax has received has been nothing short of phenomenal.

"I want to thank all our customers for the honest feedback on this product and I am truly thrilled to announce that its full size counterpart has gone into production today" - Michael Cipriani 


If you managed to grab one of the first edition 50ml Primo waxes you will have noted the purple colour with a stunning festive fragrance (golden berry and frankincense). This colour and fragrance combo was unique to these waxes and only 100 were made available to the UK market with only a handful remaining! 

The production version of Primo is being produced in a fluorescent orange/ fresh orange citrus fragrance. This fragrance somewhat goes against the grain for most luxury waxes that tend to follow the popular food based fragrances like bubblegum, fruit salad etc. However it compliments the product beautifully and is great to work with being a natural fragrance. 

So why exactly is Primo so special?

Primo is the last 5 years of wax making, polymer research, raw material accusation and personal development in polymer engineering combined to make what I believe to be the best possible luxury wax. Customers who buy Primo and any other Infinity Wax product also benefit from our powerful position in the market as a manufacturer & retailer. Your buying directly from factory, and thats something that is fully reflected in our prices. At £49.99 for 200ml hand finished glass enclosure which weighs in at nearly half a kilo, Primo certainly is not an over priced wax by any means! A £79.99 Collectors edition will be available in the near future with 2 complimenting unique products in a gift box. 

There are 4 major components to Primo that make it what it is: 

1. Natural waxes, Primo uses Carnauba T1, Montan, Candelilla wax, Micronised Paraffin and a dash of organic beeswax. These waxes are balanced perfectly to deliver stunning gloss levels and are paired perfectly with the other elements of the product. Natural wax on its own has its limitations and in Primo we have made perfect use of each wax in perfect concentration. 

2. Liquid Si02 Polymer, Primo contains 2 types of specialist polymer in liquid form. This allows the wax to develop a powerful thin film over your vehicles paintwork. In addition these polymers create a cationic reaction on the bodywork as the positively charged Si02 molecules are physically attracted to the negatively charged body panels. lastly these aid the removal process of the wax. 

3.Solid State Si02, In Primo we utilise the latest solid polymer technology, unlike the liquid counterpart this reactive polymer provides the "backbone" of the entire formula and carries all the other waxes as a sacrificial element. As primo begins to wear the natural waxes will be the first to begin degrading while this solid polymer continues to provide impressive water behaviour. In tests Primo still held a water contact angle of 96 degrees after a simulated 1 year! 

4. Self lubricating mineral fluid, unlike many waxes on the market Primo does not contain any oil at all. Oils are often used to create a short term gloss effect. In reality this practice has a minimal effect on gloss as the oil is almost completely wiped away on removal, in addition adding oils can in some cases make the wax greasy to remove. Our mineral fluid has a much lower density than water at 0.79 with a medium - fast evaporation rate which self lubricates creating a simply unbelievable ease of application and a non greasy removal. In fact Primo is so easy to remove you will probably end up going back to check that you actually applied it! It has been described like wiping a polished panel with nothing there by several customers. 


To finalise, Primo is exactly what you would expect from our top tier wax. You expect the ease of application, removal, water behaviour, gloss and durability. It really has to be used to be appreciated, thankfully we are offering it in 2 sizes: 50ml and 200ml which are priced at £19.99 & £49.99 respectively. Primo is highly unlikely to ever be on sale either its just not worth selling for a penny less! 

I genuinely believe this is one of the finest waxes on the market today and for such a fantastic price to. All our testing has been conducted against SuperGloss+ wax and a popular wax from Switzerland which retails at over £150. The results showed Primo to be better in every area and significantly higher "gloss" than both waxes.   If you would like to know more hang tight, because a youtube video is on the way. But for now here is one we made on the first editions late in 2018. 




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